About Us

St Stephen’s Neighbourhood Centre (SSNC) is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Registered Charity no: 1091558, Company no: 43231455.

The charity was formed in 2002, with a mission to assist with enabling the inhabitants of the Greatfield Estate and its surrounding areas by supporting and encouraging initiatives, self help and fostering participation.

SSNC works with residents to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve their potential and supports people to make their voices heard. The charity encourages respect, endeavours to reduce isolation and to treat each everyone fairly.

It works alongside the local community and with the local authorities and other like minded organisations in a common effort to educate and provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and other leisure-time occupations that will assist in improving the conditions of life and well being for its local residents.

By maintaining and managing a community centre, it offers support and provides services to enable the residents of the Greatfield Estate and its surrounding areas to make informed choices, empowers then to improve their well being, and assists in reducing the stigma associated with residing in a disadvantaged neighbourhood.


  • Mrs Mary Clark – Chairperson
  • Mr Peter Rawson – Vice Chair
  • Mrs Diane Thompson – Treasurer
  • Mr Bernard France – Ex Chair
  • Dr Patrick J Doyle
  • Sister Maria Robb
  • Rev. Christopher Larwood
  • Mrs Debbie Peacock

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