Kids Teddy Bear Project

Here at St Stephens we are always trying to find new ways to engage our young people and provide a fun place for them to visit, so we decided after talking to the young people to make some teddy bears.

We found a template, selected our material, and got to work with scissors and sewing machines.

imag0062  we got our template

imag0063  cut it out

imag0064  selected our material

imag0065  marked it out on our material using chalk and carefully cut it out

imag0066  and we had our basic teddy shapes one for the front and one for the back

At this point we had a look at our sewing machines and had a chat about how to use them safely, then we got to work like a well oiled machine making the teddys

Hard at work

We place the two pieces of material together and carefully stitched around the outside we left a small gap on one of the legs to enable filling of the bear with the filling we used the filling from a pillow for it.

 here we have a young person ready for the filling

 Sewing the hole we left for filling the bear closed.

The Finished Product! with their happy owners

More projects in the works keep checking back.