The funding of St Stephens Neighbourhood Centre

‘Without a vision, the people perish’

In the year 2000 the church community put together a small steering group of 8 parishioners to look at the possibility of a lottery grant application to ’Awards for All’. We needed £5000 to cover a feasibility study on our large premises, inside and out and their potential use to the neighbourhood.

The large hall was only being used one day per month for the Housebound and 2 nights per week for bingo and it was felt that this under use of a potential resource for the locality was a great loss to an area with no facilities. In addition we were very conscious of the many children around us who were bored after school with nothing to do and nowhere to go and this was a challenged when we reflected on the church document called, ‘The Sign we Give’.

The group met weekly to beat the deadline. We also met unexpected questions, like which form of

charitable status we should go for and why? It was obvious we needed to have some enlightened extra members for our group, from the wider community in Hull. With help and two years further on, a small charitable limited company was being signed into being, forming the SSNC as a legal and financial entity separate from the church. We are deeply indebted to the late Tony Clark who undertook the legal arrangements and to the Rev Chris Larwood, Bernard France and Patrick Doyle who joined the Board of Trustees. Mary Clark and Diane Thompson joined us later and now hold key roles in the

Organisation. Their enthusiasm and very hard work for the SSNC is greatly appreciated.

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