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Timetabled events 

Monday - to - Friday. 

Please call on: 01482 781223

At St Stephen’s Neighbourhood Centre and Church, we offer a range of activities and events for the community to take part in.
Look through the pages of our website to see what is on offer!

The charity was formed in 2002, with a mission to assist with enabling the inhabitants of the Greatfield Estate and its surrounding areas by supporting and encouraging initiatives, in self-help and fostering participation in the local area.

Welcome to St Stephen’s Neighbourhood Centre

St Stephen’s Neighbourhood Centre Mission Statement

“What we can do TOGETHER

Working with the local community, Local Authority and other organisations. We provide facilities to give everyone the opportunity to realise their talents and potential – creating unity and a sense of belonging. We are a vibrant community, here for the common good.

Mission Implementation

We have set out our realistic Mission Statement which provides our aims and objectives going forward, whilst maintaining the History and original inspiration of the St Stephen’s Community.

We encourage partnership working, regularly running various in-house activities. Such like, the regular rotation of weekly youth club sessions, and…a weekly lunch club on a Thursday. These sessions among many other things that SSNC have to offer run throughout the year. This also includes highlighting other agencies and the work they do. Such as Child Dynamix and The Maximum Life Project – also both local to Hull.

We aim to expand user involvement. Asking what the community wants from us. Which helps us to help you.

We are open throughout most weekdays, here to boost and raise the self-esteem of our users. If it’s a drop-in, a safe-space needed? We are here.

We are advocates for the community. If there’s something you want, and it’s not available, then we will do our best to fill that gap. We are here to listen to our community, identifying the needs, and supporting to fulfil those needs.

Again, we are that safe space in the community, and we encourage a diverse range of groups to take part in our sessions.

We also take on volunteers. (D.B.S required for supporting the community in sessions open to the public.) Here they can develop their skills, help others in developing theirs, as well as contributing to the community.

Here we continually monitor our practices, collaborating with users of SSNC, and we consistently evaluate our work, to fulfil the needs of our community.

Above all, the SSNC works with residents and users of the service to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve their potential, and supports people to make their voices heard. The charity encourages respect, endeavouring to reduce isolation. A fair, safe, and respectful place. It works alongside the local community and with the local authorities and other like-minded organisations in a common effort to educate and provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and other leisure-time occupations that will assist in improving the conditions of life and well-being for its local residents.

By maintaining and managing a community centre, it offers support and provides services to enable the residents of the Greatfield Estate and its surrounding areas to make informed choices, empowers them to improve their well-being, and assists in reducing the stigma associated with residing in a disadvantaged neighbourhood.

St Stephen’s Neighbourhood Centre (SSNC) is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Registered Charity no: 1091558, company no: 43231455.


  • Mr. Bernard France – Chairperson/ Safeguarding Officer
  • Mr. Peter Rawson – Vice Chair
  • Mrs. Diane Thompson – Treasurer
  • Mr. Ken Crichton
  • Mrs. Sue Dunne
  • Reverend. Lindsey Pearson

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